Let's not forget Wim Wievel, who brought armed police to PSU and is still at large as Lewis & Clark College's current president.

This letter from the PSU Student Union in August of 2014 (taken from their facebook page) sums it up well:
"In just the last academic year, Wim has allowed his staff to openly target and criminalize student activists, walked away from students during his own office hours, and personally mocked food insecure students. He refuses to engage with students who want to see change at the university, going so far as to call a student government resolution in support of Palestinian equal rights “divisive” and “ill informed.” While not necessarily our intention, it appears that our desire to work outside of the bureaucratic systems which rule PSU and give Wim Wiewel power, has pressured him to step aside.
While Wim’s exit may easily be perceived as a victory, it is important to remember that there is still important work to be done. Wim lists various business “achievements” in his going away email, while ignoring the monumental decision he made to ARM CAMPUS SECURITY"

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