Just in time for Pride week and warmer weather, the newest Mercury T-shirt and tank tops are here... and THEY. ARE. HOT! But if you want one, snap it up—because they're going away after tomorrow Friday, June 19!

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This "Tiger ballerina" design was created by one of our fave local illustrators, Sheri Smith, and is the same design the Mercury wore in last year's Pride parade. But now it's even better, because you can purchase one in the highly coveted tank style (and for all genders)! And for a limited time, we've also brought back our very popular Mercury "TP" shirt. SO MANY AWESOME SHIRTS! And they're all only $25 each! But ya gotta get 'em fast, because they're only available for a limited time.

If you've been following the news lately, you know how dreadfully important it is to support local journalism. The small, but mighty Mercury editorial staff has been pulling extra-long days to cover the nightly protests, and if you want to thank them and support their efforts, buying a Mercury Tee is a great way to do it! Plus you'll look SOOOO GOOD. But hurry! These new Mercury Tiger Tanks are disappearing on Friday, June 19SO GET YOURS HERE AND NOW!

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