Live Updates: Protesting Police Brutality in Portland on Saturday, June 20



re 1 and 2: The "bad [other professions listed]" by and large don't shoot innocent Black people with no repercussions. They aren't protected by their unions for doing so. They may be underprosecuted by law enforcement and DAs, but that's part of the same systemic racism poblem. White supremacists in law enforcement and overmilitarized police are phenomena that have recently INCREASED. The FBI has officially directed attention to the former in recent decades.

It is absolutely okay to curse at the police, that's covered under the first amendment.

Building? like Black Wall Street? Like homes and businesses lost to gentrification and harassment by racial profiling?

Flagged for trolling and for racist language and tone policing. The sexism and American Exceptionalism are also gagworthy. I fully expect that addressing this garbage point by point will go nowhere with him/her/it and doubtless someone else could do a better job. I don't know how much "opinion diversity" our hosts are willing to give a platform here.


*problem not poblem, obviously. And troll missed concern-trolling over COVID risk, or is it a conspiracist?

Oh, that "why are you at Rev Hall" thing was definitely tonedeaf and incidentally delivered by people who suck at agitprop. 1. Juneteenth is a celebration. 2. Peaceful marches into residential neighborhoods have value to engage and build support. (Many of those have met with violent suppression, too, as I recall fewer days ago than I can count on all my digits....)

Not everyone can be in the line of fire, either, whatever tactics they agree upon. There are different ways to contribute. I'm home with my shitty lungs donating to charities and bail funds, being lucky enough to still have income.

I am starting to wonder if the ENTIRE population of Portland massed in the streets around the Justice Center whether the police would just keep on merrily gassing and aiming high speed projectiles into crowds of civilians at head level. Seems likely.


"The "individual hostile" offenders are never singled out. Instead the officers end up firing munitions at the entire group."



Where's our very own bunker boy?

He needs to resign in shame. Throwing a couple of staff members under the bus is not enough.
We need a real progressive to run Portland, not a snot-nosed, rich kid who turns into a fascist every time the heat is turned up.