Jeremy Christian Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole for 2017 MAX Stabbings



‘bout time.


Good. And his lawyers are going to appeal and when they do, they need to play the video of him screaming "I should have killed you, you bitch" at one of the victims giving her impact statement. He needs to rot and die in prison.

And if the police had arrested him after the assault on the aforementioned woman, he would not have been on the MAX train the next day. The police knew everything about him - violent, white supremacist, attacking people - and they did nothing to stop it. They are responsible for these murders, too.


One month prior to the Max killings the police didn't even care that he was making threats against the police. Because he is white?


Micah Fletcher is correct, had someone cared enough about Jeramy Christan his violence likely could have been avoided. Mr. Christan's head injury, alcoholism & the alt-right helped create the toxic anger within him. He sharpened his pocket knife razor-sharp beforehand & went for the throats of his victims, destroying his own life in the process. What would have happened if we as a society actually cared enough to try to help people before they commit a horrific violent crime ???