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blair Stenvick

Good Morning, Portland! Today is the last day of Pride month—let's go out by remembering the time HIV/AIDS activist group ACT UP put a giant condom over the home of a homophobic, anti-safe-sex senator:

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Alright, here are the headlines!

• Gov. Kate Brown plans to extend a mask requirement for indoor public spaces to the entire state, starting tomorrow. Several counties—including Multnomah—have already had an indoor mask requirement for about a week now. (Psssst: you can get more headlines like this in our daily Good Afternoon, News!)

• We've now got some more details about a non-fatal police shooting in Sellwood that happened on Sunday evening. Portland Police Bureau (PPB) Officer Laurent Bonczijk fired at a mute homeless man holding some type of fake gun who was squatting in a townhouse—and then a SERT team (that's PPB lingo for a SWAT team) was called.

• Police reform may be headed to the local ballot:

• Pharmaceutical company Gilead is ready to start selling remdesivir, a drug that seems effective in quickening COVID-19 recovery time for hospitalized patients—at $3,120 for one five-day regimen.

• It's official: United States residents aren't allowed to travel to the European Union, thanks to our high number of COVID-19 cases and woefully lax health precautions.

• The Chinese government has passed a law giving it new powers over Hong Kong—including the authority to quash a protest uprising happening there. The move has drawn intense criticism for being authoritarian, both internationally and in China and Hong Kong.

• Speaking of quashing protests:

• The Supreme Court ruled this morning that private religious schools should be able to receive some tax-funded benefits. Churches continue to not be required to pay taxes.

• Startling footage from this weekend shows that NYPD officers wielding batons indiscriminately charged at a crowd of people who turned out to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. Three Pride attendees were arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

• The Oregon Supreme Court decided yesterday that 2020 law school graduates will not be required to pass the bar exam in order to start practicing law. "All students in our three law schools had to finish their law school careers remotely, sometimes under dire home circumstances due to COVID-19," the deans of Oregon's three law schools wrote to Chief Justice Martha Walters earlier this month.

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• Let's go out on a high note:

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