Happy 4th of July Weekend! (Now stay the fuck at home.)
Happy 4th of July Weekend! (Now stay the fuck at home.) Yauhen Akulich / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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• Oregon had an alarming spike in coronavirus cases since yesterday, gaining a whopping 375 new infections (the current record) and 1 additional death. Umatilla county is in the lead with 88 new cases, followed by Washington (67) and Multnomah counties (64). Reminder that a STATEWIDE face mask rule is in effect, and it applies to EVERYONE, which includes shithead state troopers.

• Restaurant group Toro Bravo (the local empire started by John Gorham) is dissolving following blowback from a Facebook tirade written by Gorham toward a trans woman of color. After many of his staff quit in protest, Gorham had stepped away from the daily running of the eateries such as Toro Bravo and Tasty & Alder, but is now pulling the plug entirely.

• For those wondering where the elk statue that sits between Chapman and Lownsdale Squares ran off to, it's reportedly been taken down by city officials following a fire that was set at its base during last night's protest.

• The mayor of Seattle has ordered the dismantlement of the city's occupied zone (CHOP) much to the glee of utterly corrupt Justice Department head Bill Barr—but the marching and protesting will go on unabated.


• After previously opposing mayors that were trying to save lives in their cities, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has slammed his clown car in reverse and is now requiring almost everyone in his state to wear face masks.

• Meanwhile Florida (who also laughed in the face of those who totally predicted this would happen) is reporting an astounding 10,100 new cases of coronavirus. Even worse, the staggering number of new cases has completely overwhelmed the state's contact tracers.

• Not that the dum-dums will listen, but officials are begging Americans to STAY HOME for the Fourth of July weekend.

• Just going to leave this headline right here: "Man who went to party warned people not to be an 'idiot like me’ a day before dying of covid-19."

• The Supreme Court has decided to wait until next term (long after the upcoming election) to decide whether Congress can see secret grand jury material from the Mueller Report.

• Apparently Trump has finally received—AFTER ALL THIS FUCKING TIME OF DESTROYING AMERICA—a "deadline" from Republicans for turning his terrible public approval numbers around or else lose their support.

• Despite fire bans and protests from Native American groups, the Mount Rushmore fireworks spectacular will continue as planned tomorrow with a guest appearance from COVID-denier Donald Trump, and thousands of maskless dummies who refuse to obey social distancing.

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• Ghislaine Maxwell, a former girlfriend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested and charged with helping the alleged sex trafficker locate and groom young girls for him to sexually abuse.

• After being on the receiving end of some ice-cold backlash, old-timey rapper Vanilla Ice has postponed his wildly dangerous concert that was scheduled for this weekend.

• And finally, sliding into the July 4 weekend like....