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Good morning, Portland! Here, I brought some breakfast purritos:

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Okay, here are the headlines.

• One year after the body of Titi Gulley—a Black, homeless trans woman—was found hanging from a tree in Portland, her family is still haunted by uncertainty about the cause of her death. And the death of George Floyd is bringing renewed attention to Titi's case. I recently spoke with Gulley's mother, and received the police report through a public records request.

• The Portland metro area has now all been in Phase 1 of Gov. Kate Brown's reopening plan for a couple weeks—but don't expect us to move into Phase 2 anytime soon. Public health officials want to at least wait and see what kind of affect the Fourth of July had on case counts before moving forward.

• The Gordon Sondland saga continues:

• You may have heard about the Black family who had to endure terrible harassment from literal Nazis on the Oregon Coast this weekend. Our friends at KGW caught up with a member of that family, who called the experience "hell" and "sickening." Read more about her harrowing experience here.

• Gov. Kate Brown issued an emergency drought declaration in seven Oregon counties last week. Now, the city of Bend is urging its residents to conserve water.

• The Supreme Court has upheld a Trump administration policy of allowing employers with religious or "moral" objections to birth control to not cover their employees' birth control prescriptions, even though that's required under the Affordable Care Act. While the ACA already had an exemption for actual churches, the new ruling expands the exception to all religious non-profits, businesses, and schools.

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• A new Trump administration policy states that international students attending universities not offering in-person classes should be sent back to their home countries next school year. Harvard and MIT are now suing to have the policy reversed.

• Brooks Brothers is filing for bankruptcy. You know what that means: Time for some discount gingham!!!

• The state of Arizona was slow to shut down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and quick to bring things back to "normal." Unsurprisingly, the state is now home to the worst uptick in cases in the country.

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• This week in history: