Federal and Local Police Team Up in Aggressive Response to Day 50 of Portland Protests



We should figure out which hotels are putting these fuckers up and surround them in the day time making fucking as much noise as we can to keep them up all up. Working in shifts all hours of the day we could sleep deprive them to uselessness over a couple days.


@2 purely as a hypothetical thought exercise and not as any indication that i would condone it: if a person wanted to do that, that person might consider taking down license plates from lots connected to stations. officers are, of course, trained to watch their surroundings closely — so discretion and distance would be well-advised precautions for the surreptitious observer.


The federal vehicles were, I thought, spotted entering and exiting the parking garage entrance for a federal building. You can't just go casually stroll through that. I wouldn't assume the kidnap vans are personal vehicles either.


I mean, in use as personal vehicles. It's all rentals.