Portland Police Union Burns, Officers Assault Crowds During July 18 Protests



Thank you all as usual for your bravery and professionalism.

PPB and feds are not working in tandem kinda the way broadband providers aren't not competing. Just dividing it up geographically. And screw the injunction, apparently.

Feds sure didn't hesitate to aim flashbangs and gas at the line of completely nonviolent and nondestructive (DIFFERENT things ahem) moms, a few of whom were visibly pregnant. At least one cluster of Proud Boys or similar sounded like selectively targeting lone femmes (both I saw post footage or about it journalists) and one got jumped and beaten up. Didn't spot further mention of the plateless truck that was going around disgorging proudboys beating on people but I can't imagine it's just gone. Where blind eye bleeds into tacit approval seems pretty clear whether or no there's an official police liaison this time.