This Week in Food News: Riot Ribs Dissolves, Street Disco Makes Pizza, and Botanist Takes Over On Deck Sports Bar Patio



Riot Ribs reportedly received over $300k in crowd funding. Shortly thereafter, Riot Ribs dissolved. Well played, Riot Ribs.




This provides a lot more information, reported by a third (unaffiliated) party.


Christina Rae @3 that's a fascinating perspective, but there are a few odd notes. He implies that planting themselves out Whole Foods is absurd and that revolutionaries don't shop there, but nobody working at Whole Foods is making $164,000 a year and they seem to be supporting a protest of the store (which locally has been firing people wearing antiracist buttons and BLM stuff.) I hadn't heard either that Riot Ribs were Marxist. Is that the case? I can only find people stating that who are fairly right wing, other than that essay. Consensus is not a Marxist specific practice and yeah it often doesn't work. The essay has a weirdly satisfied tone about the failure, and supposed moral failings, and it's describing a venture started from the ground up by three homeless men (originally, it was one guy with a grill iirc.) Try starting a cooperative while homed, with assets to start with and not being crushed by the larger economy. I also don't like a few of the insinuations focused on female or femme-coded groups and individuals the Riot Ribs original organizers donated to - there's a "needs citation" one about someone femme-named being a suspect "witch," and there's some awkward grammar that implies The Witches only claim they provide food and medical supplies. (I thought their focus was medical supplies.) Those kinda stick way out to me. The author is white, categorized Democrat on the hosting site, and his other essays are super anti-antifa which er (does the math).....yeah, so. Just a little criticism, not of you, but of the essay.


errata....Making more sense of the second sentence....Muse implies that Revolution Ribs planting themselves out at Whole Foods is absurd.

His other essays are super anti-antifa and anti-BLM.*

And I'd add that I would definitely associate a consensus-based decision making process more with Anarchism.


Hey I didn't write it, I was just providing information, information they were providing. Thought it would help at least flesh out what happened (vs. the well played comment like it was all planned from the get go).

Personally, this is how I feel: when you give money to any person or organization and there is no clear indication of how they spend the money or to whom it will go or how it will be used (and no words spoken do not equal clear indication and indicate no accountability), you are taking your chances and giving your money away. Complaining after the fact that you don't like how the money was managed? Pissing in the wind.

Trump has collected tens of millions of dollars (if not more) from his clan base and used it as his own personal ATM, paying himself and his family. That is FAR more outrageous than Riot Ribs. Trump pretends to be the resident of the WH, when he is nothing more than he has ever been, a fucking shit bag, pathological lying, con man. And the guy's own supporters are his most willing marks!

I wonder how much money was spent feeding people for the two months they were feeding people? My bet would be a lot of money, but again there is no way to know.

I don't believe this proves anything about what kind of people they are or that all of the people involved had greedy intentions. Do I agree with what happened? Not really. Am I surprised? No fucking way. Do I think anything can be done about it (or should be done about it)? Nope.

And anyone who believes this one group, that started out as a fly by the seat of their pants organization to feed protesters (and did so for two months) are worse than the corporations that rip people off every single day or the federal government currently in place that is robbing every single person in this country blind, BLATANTLY, PUBLICLY, AND WITHOUT A CARE IN THE FUCKING WORLD is just plain dumb.

Caveat emptor. Always.


Oh, totally agreed. I can have regrets but I don't indulge in indignation. Doesn't happen to be one of the organizations I donated to. The agenda of the essay's author is relevant, though, and some of his information isn't factual, and I wanted to address that.