" I believe conscious nonvoting can be a valid political choice"

Nah, that ship sailed back in 2016. There are typically two people who might win, and one is better than the other. They are never "both just as bad". One's not as exciting as you want, but if you just abstain or piss away your vote, you're doing harm.

(In Oregon you have the luxury of knowing the adults will probably cover for you, but when you spend time slamming the only viable choice and convincing people in Pennsylvania or Wisconsin to do the same, you're screwing everyone else over by putting the worse person in place.)

You can vote for someone you don't like and then turn around and protest their actions because you know that at least you didn't let the worse choice take office. You're allowed. It's OK.

Yes, Trump is the nadir of elected officials, but after enduring three terms of people named "Bush" I am over people acting like abstaining from voting, or voting for someone who tripped over the starting line, is anything but an act of smug self-satisfaction.


If white men were held to any kind of standard of anything at all Trump would be in prison. He never would have made it to even thinking about running for POTUS, let alone be the resident of the WH, so let's dispel with the bullshit, shall we? Trump is a fucking narcissitic psychopath who is dumber than a fucking rock and has used his time in the WH to destroy everything he possibly can and steal as much money as he possibly can while spewing shit on everyone and everything like a fire hose that spews shit 24/7.

There will be no reasonable conversation about Kamala Harris because she will be expected to meet a standard set forth by white men who never meet that same standard. President Obama exceeded their absurd standards on every single metric and was still vilified and lied about 100% of the time, a nasty, racist, never ending shit spewing hate fest (led by, oh guess who, the birther himself, Trump)!!! He is lied about and vilified to this day as MAGAts continue to say he was the worst president this country ever had (not even remotely true).

Senator Kamala Harris is not going to be who everyone wants her to be. Even at her worst she is 1000% times better than anyone in the Trump/Pence crime syndicate death cult. Period. Full stop.

Trump/Pence have chosen racism and anti-trans hatred as their platform for re-election. Literally. So feel free to vote for that because Kamala Harris, selected as VP to Biden (yet another extremely imperfect white male who comes with a boat load of baggage himself) isn't perfect and therefore must be rejected outright.

This election will decide whether the people in this country have a death wish and want to be completely destroyed or if they would like this country to continue. That's what this election is.

Anyone believing this is about anything else is completely out of touch with reality.


On our ticket this year, we have two pieces of shit. But the other side has two much, much bigger pieces of shit on their ticket. You know who to vote for.


Unlike so many powerful public figures like US Attorney General William Barr or VP Mike Pence or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Kamala Harris is NOT the perfect candidate to run with Joe Biden Tha God to try to keep our shit hole country from becoming a "Christian" gulag. WAAAAAAAAA!!!! TEARS ON MY KEYBOARDDDDDDD!!!! I am sobbing so hard right now and Blair made me do it. I had not realized before now how MANY and how TRAGIC were Kamala Harris' FLAWS. I am chastened, that's for sure.

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