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• The president of Portland's Postal Union says there are several recent changes that have raised alarm bells among local United States Postal Service employees, including that Trump's appointed postmaster general has been deliberately slowing down the mail service ahead of the November presidential election. Our Blair Stenvick has the details.

• Oregon State Troopers are pulling out of Portland where they've been assisting local and federal police in their attempts to corral Black Lives Matter protesters. Apparently their two week, previously agreed upon assignment is up—however spokesman Capt. Timothy R. Fox chose to add an unsubtle and rather snide comment about how our new MultCo DA refuses to prosecute non-violent protesters, saying “We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior.” We're looking into defunding State Troopers too, right?

• A new Oregon study has discovered coronavirus antibodies in 1 percent of people tested, indicating to doctors that there are a LOT more undiagnosed cases out there. Today the OHA reported 323 new presumptive cases along with two additional deaths.

• According to prison officials at Oregon's Snake River Correctional Institution, a prisoner has died after contracting COVID-19, making this person the second inmate to perish from coronavirus in the state.

• Meanwhile Malheur County, which borders Idaho, is getting sent back down to Phase 1 by Gov. Kate Brown, after the county was unable to control its coronavirus spread.

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• The US Postal Service is warning a whopping 46 states that due to slow-downs (caused by Trump's corrupt shenanigans) voters in those states may not be able to return their mail-in ballots in time for election day.

• Related and unsurprising: "Major US postal workers union endorses Biden for president."

• Also not surprising in the least: Trump is helping spread blatantly untrue (and racist!) "birtherism" conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris.

• A government watchdog has announced that the leaders of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad "CHAD!" Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, are not qualified to do their jobs.

• Think getting COVID-19 once protects you forever? THAT'S APPARENTLY A BIG "NOPE": "CDC suggests recovered COVID-19 patients have protection for 3 months."

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• THE WEATHER REPORT: Get out your thongs, folks! We'll be hitting triple digits this weekend with two 100 degree days in a row!

• And finally, another reason to vote BIDEN/HARRIS in November: They'll cut your meat.

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