A woman started dating a trans man. But then his personality completely changed. Is this just a trans thing? Or a coincidence?

A verse dyke working as a nanny in an uptight conservative community can't find any other lesbians. She's so horny she would settle for a man. But how can she find someone willing to be her "walking dildo?"

On the Magnum, a deep dive into cuckolding, with the utterly charming Venus from the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. What drives a man to be turned on watching his partner get together with other men? What's in it for the woman? It's a wild, wild world and Venus takes us through it.

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And blechhhh! Her man douses himself in cologne. She HATES the smell of cologne. (Don't we all?) He knows this, and still pours buckets of expensive chemicals on himself to mask his natural, lovely body scent. Why? Why do they do this? Our caller is worried about hurting his feelings. So she sits there and suffers.

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