Oh, wait, they murdered a white man. Wonder if they give a fuck? Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two white people, too.


So in Kenosha a conservative militia teenager kills 2 liberals. Now both sides are going to start bringing -and using- guns. This is a dangerous escalation. This is crazy. It has to stop. Mayor Wheeler get some balls. You have lost control of this situation. 30 day end of protests using a 10 PM curfew in the downtown area.


The mayor is not the problem. Why do these groups come to Portland? Oh right, because if they stayed where they lived there would be no one to rail against, no violence to incite.

These people are the same people who got Jeremy Christian riled up, so much so that he murdered people on the MAX train. These people are not Pro-Trump supporters. They are white supremacist terrorists. And it is the WST that are the gun toting, shooting and killing contingent. Meanwhile the Portland Police actively assault and harm people protesting. Portland Police slash people's tires and smash their car windows, inflict bodily harm, and otherwise violate the rights of people engaged in exercising their First Amendment rights.

Nowhere does the Second Amendment of the Constitution say you get to go wherever you want, armed to the teeth, ready to incite violence, shoot and kill people, and pretend you are the victims. Enough of white males with guns killing people. Enough of the Police responding to people outraged and angry at the violence and murder committed by cops every single day against Black people while white people who walk around armed and shoot people in the street are not even stopped! Kyle Rittenhouse is and all of his ilk are seriously disturbed and violent domestic terrorists.

The racist violence in this state and nationwide is solely due to racist white people. And these racist white people are being egged on by Trump and his racist rhetoric (he doesn't have to shoot anyone in the middle of the street, there are so many people willing to do it for him). The Proud Boys, the Patriot Prayers, Joey Gibson, and all of their ilk need to be treated like the Black Lives Matter protesters. They need to be tear gassed and beaten and taken off the streets by any means necessary. Enough bullshit. Enough pretending. Enough domestic terrorism on the streets of Portland and everywhere else aided and abetted, encouraged and incited, and ignored by the police.

And people wonder why the police need to be defunded into oblivion.
Fuck the United States of White Supremacist Terrorism.
The ONLY people inciting violence and causing harm are the cops murdering Black people and the white supremacist terrorists running around playing militia man and shooting whoever they want.


The person shot had a drop leg holster, which means he was probably armed with a pistol. He also appeared to have some sort of fixed blade knife on his belt. Best guess is that he armed up, went looking for trouble and got more than he could handle. If he had just stayed home, he would be alive today.


What Christina Rae (and the other two commenters) said.


I do hold the mayor (and local government) responsible, in that we've had ninety-plus days of protests and absolutely no action taken to address the concerns. A minor budget cut and some hand-wavey promises about forming committees to talk about the problems are not enough.

Want the protests to ramp down? Curb the PPA and PPB, clearly, decisively and publically.


and nothing of value was lost.

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