Inside a Contentious, Now-Shuttered Advisory Committee on the Portland I-5 Widening Plan



Thanks, Merc, for an important well researched article.


The whole purpose of advisory committees is to rubber-stamp whatever project they are being asked to review, it's a very Portland thing. When they don't comply, bye-bye!


Of course ODOT is going to keep creating new "advisory committees" until they get one that will support what they've already decided.

Of course they'll refuse to appoint anyone they think will be critical of them.

Of course they'll claim that they want "more diversity." Of course they're lying.

This is a well-planned tactic that they've used for decades against communities that are in their way.

It won't change until Portlanders make ODOT an issue in the next gubernatorial election. Being frustrated accomplishes nothing. Kate needs to feel real heat about this.