From the sexy minds behind HUMP! and the Savage Lovecast, it's Five Minute Fuck—a mini podcast featuring your best, dirtiest stories!

We’re looking for erotic fictional tales, orgasmic audioscapes, midnight confessionals, and even real sex. Whatever you think will make for some truly lewd listening!

Each episode of Five Minute Fuck will feature a short piece of audio created by listeners—each 5 minutes or less, and all submitted anonymously. You will be able to binge-listen to all of them at once or savor the episodes slowly. And what do you get for bringing the goods? We will share a portion of streaming revenue among the storytellers that have been selected to be a part of Five Minute Fuck! And we’re going to make a place for it at the 2021 HUMP! Film Festival, too!

So make it short and make it sexy. Gay, straight, bi, trans, couples, throuples—anything goes for your Five Minute Fuck! Well… almost anything. (No animals, No poop, No minors.)

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Send your submissions to submissions@fiveminfuck.com.

Deadline for submissions is September 18, 2020.