Seattle Rep. Jayapal Leads Call for DHS to Investigate "Uterus Collector" Complaint



This is fucking genocide. This doctor should stand in front ICC.


i don’t mean to be arbitrarily quarrelous, but it is not genocide. genocide specifically pertains to the destruction of an entire people, including their culture. thankfully, that has not yet happened in this case, though it scares me that it could given the right’s level of utter intolerance and hatred.

but it is unspeakable atrocity. it’s an unforgivable crime against the individuals, but it’s also a blight on our society and an attack on all hispanic Americans. it’s an extension of societal misogyny and it represents the constant push of (mostly white, straight, christian, male) conservatives to continually control, dominate, and own women. it’s an abject fucking horror.

thank you for reporting on this, mercury writers. please don’t stop.