Good Morning, News: RBG Lies in State, Resisting the Proud Boys, and The Most 2020 Debate Ever



psu student here. in/out of homelessness for last 5 years. im trans too! and been attacked for it at random multiple times while on the street. im also legally psychiatrically disabled and have been unable to find mental healthcare of any kind. also i maintained a 3.75 through this.

i can say from experience that the psu food pantry is ALWAYS cleared out. they never have enough, and it’s always a vastly higher proportion of those of us who look different from white/cis-ciety who are there in contrast to the way the demographics of the student body look as a whole.

there are so many more resources needed for both poverty and its roots (racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, major disability — and may god help you if you overlap into 2 or 3 categories) here in portland that i doubt it’s ever coming. this is a miserable time in history. hard to know what it’s possible to even do with my life given the socioeconomic landscape. ill be hated for who i am and underpaid. can’t fucking wait.