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Looks peaceful, doesnt it?
Looks peaceful, doesn't it? National Science Foundation

Good morning, Portland! There's a lot to cover this morning, so let's go ahead and begin our daily descent into the pit of fury and despair.

Here are the headlines.

• He's baaaack! Donald Trump made what I'm sure in his mind was a victorious return to the White House last night, after spending a few days in the hospital. Upon his return, Trump promptly removed his mask and began speculating that he might be immune to COVID-19. But he still has the virus, and is on a combination of powerful drugs and steroids, so we'll see what happens next! Frankly, I hope he suffers.

• On top of all the Trump sycophants who have been infected with COVID-19 over the last week, the president's recklessness is also endangering a more sympathetic bunch of people: The White House staff and Secret Service members who are paid to take care of him. Those staffers are reportedly growing fearful and angry about the terrible spot they've been put in.

• Speaking of deep pits from which no light can escape: Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics today for their work researching black holes.

• In a new poll commissioned by the Portland Business Alliance, Sarah Iannarone is reportedly leading Mayor Ted Wheeler by 11 points in the November election. Notably, 16 percent of voters said they're planing to write-in a candidate, and 13 percent said they're still undecided. The numbers were first reported by Willamette Week.

• Speaking of the November election: You now have just one week left to make sure you're properly registered to vote! If you have questions about voting while houseless, voting with a felony record, voting with a disability, or voting while displaced by wildfires, check out our handy guide.

• Oregon's COVID-19 testing capacity is about to double, meaning the state will be able to perform up to 80,000 tests a week. State health officials hope this increase in testing will help our ability to track cases and limit the spread of the virus.

• Go off, Michelle:

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged for the first time yesterday that COVID-19 can spread through the air. That's something most medical experts have been advising for a while now—it's the whole reason we wear masks!—but the CDC has been slow to put that info on its website, perhaps because of political pressure from the Trump administration.

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• Now that the Supreme Court is on track to gain another conservative member, some justices are openly speculating about how Obergefell v. Hodges—the case that won marriage equality—needs to be struck down to protect people's religious right to be assholes. This is likely part of a wider assault on LGBTQ+ rights that we can expect after Amy Coney Barrett joins the Court's ranks.

• Headline cleanse: