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Good Morning, Portland! Happy ballot season!

Here are the headlines.

• In case you missed it yesterday: Our own Alex Zielinski has a sobering, thorough story out about Rev. E.D. Mondainé, the president of Portland's NAACP chapter. The Mercury spoke with 11 people who say Mondainé sexually, psychologically, or physically abused them while they were members of his church.

• A new report shows that Ammon Bundy—remember him?—has exploited anxieties related to COVID-19 to build a "dangerous network of militia members and other far-right factions" across 16 states.

• On Wednesday, the right-wing rag New York Post published a story that purported to include emails from Joe Biden's son Hunter that were potentially incriminating. But there are questions as to whether the emails were illegally obtained—and of whether the Post story is fully accurate—so Twitter and Facebook both took steps to limit the article's spread on their platforms. With just a few weeks to go until the election, the risk of misinformation spreading is high, and this marks a new step in social media companies' attempt to not contribute to election tempering.

• Two new studies show that since May, 8 million more people in the United States now meet the standard definition of living in poverty. The studies found that this slip into poverty for so many Americans was due to the federal government largely halting financial aid to people and businesses impacted by coronavirus restrictions.

• Shocking! The same people publicly complain that vote-by-mail equates to election tampering are, behind closed doors, plotting their own election tampering:

• After two people on Sen. Kamala Harris' team tested positive for COVID-19, the vice presidential candidate paused all campaign traveling. Well, at least one presidential ticket gives enough of a shit about people to not be a coronavirus super-spreader.

• Today is the final day in the Senate hearing for Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Yesterday, Coney Barrett declined to "express a view on a matter of public policy"—but then called climate change a “very contentious matter of public debate.” Love to debate while the entire West Coast burns!

• Headline of the day, courtesy of our friends at OPB: "Juice-sippin' TikTok video could be a boon to Northwest cranberry and raspberry growers."

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• The opposition to a Metro ballot measure that would fund major transportation improvements throughout the region is campaigning by... reminding voters of Packy, an Oregon Zoo elephant that was controversially euthanized in 2017. (Metro oversees the Oregon Zoo, but this still feels like some very creative reasoning.)