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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Put your foot where you feel the fit. Stomp, you don't want to quit. Put your heels where you're feeling it. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

• The board of the Portland NAACP has voted for the immediate resignation of their president, E.D. Mondainé—the subject of a Mercury investigation in which he is accused of multiple acts of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. At this point he has refused to resign, and our Alex Zielinski has more.

• Just when you think Portland law enforcement can't be any more brutal or bizarre, there's this must-read story published by the Mercury: "Woman Arrested at Portland Protest Forced to Take Pregnancy Test."

• After months of Portland Police Bureau (PPB) members covering their name tags so they couldn't be identified during their violent response to protesters, they will now start stenciling their helmets with three numbers for identification purposes. HOW COULD THIS PERFECT SYSTEM POSSIBLY BE SUBVERTED?

• And speaking of PPB: The 15 highest-paid Portland cops make more than $200,000, thanks to lucrative overtime hours. Those numbers come from last year; thanks to the militaristic force PPB uses in responding to protests, this year's overtime pay for PPB is likely even more eye-popping.

• Like the rest of the country, voter turnout in Multnomah County is cooking with gasoline, eclipsing 2016's record. (Psst! Looking for help filling out your ballot? Let the Mercury's Endorsement Guide help!

• In Michigan, the vote-by-mail policy used to be that ballots received up to two weeks after Election Day would still be counted. But now, an appeals court has ruled that the state cannot count votes in receives after November 3. The change-up so close to Election Day is just one example of how people's ability to vote is in flux—and how hostile conservative-leaning judges are to voting rights.

• UNICEF, which is one of the world's largest distributors of vaccines, is stockpiling syringes in the hopes that they will be used to administer a COVID-19 vaccine next year.

• In Bolivia, socialist leader Evo Morales appears to have won the country's presidential election. That comes just one year after a United States-backed coup ousted Morales from office.

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• Several Republican senators up for reelection this year are verbally distancing themselves from Donald Trump. Sen. Ben Sasse recently told supporters, "I don’t think the way he’s led through Covid has been reasonable or responsible or right,” and Sen. John Cornyn said he has "differences of opinion" with Trump on immigration and budget deficits. And yet, neither Sasse nor Cornyn has endorsed Biden!

• Today in mediocre history: