Portland cops are hard at work (finding ways to game the system).
Portland cops are hard at work (finding ways to game the system). Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

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• After months of Portland Police Bureau (PPB) members covering their name tags so they couldn't be identified while committing violent acts on protesters, they will now start stenciling their helmets with three numbers for identification purposes. HOW COULD THIS PERFECT SYSTEM POSSIBLY BE SUBVERTED?

• Oh, and this is interesting: Fifteen Portland cops—including Capt. Mark Kruger, the officer that still has his job even though he built a shrine to Nazis—are paid in excess of $200,000 grand per year. Just another of the million reasons why Portland's police system is irreversibly broken... and getting worse.

• The board of the Portland NAACP has voted for the immediate resignation of their president, E.D. Mondainé—the subject of a Mercury investigation in which he is accused of multiple acts of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. At this point he has refused to resign, and our Alex Zielinski has more.

• As you probably noticed, Portland's small shops, restaurants, and businesses are in deep doo-doo. However YOU CAN HELP, and it's not even that hard! Check out tons of tips in this guest editorial from Sarah Shaoul, the founder of PDXSOS.


• Because he somehow thinks that acting like a blithering imbecile will help him win the election, Trump continues to inflict damage on himself—this time by insulting Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him a "disaster," a "bomb," and that if Fauci had been in charge, more than 500,000 people would be dead. Oh, and... Trump also insulted his pitching arm?

• Trump's Supreme Court announced it will hear a case that accuses Trump of diverting $2.5 billion from a Pentagon counterdrug program to build a 100 miles of his racist border wall. Wonder how Trump's Supreme Court will rule?

• With less than three days before the next debate (and after chickening out of the last one, BAWK BAWK BAWK), Trump wants the entire format of the debate changed because he thinks the commission is "pro-Biden." (Maybe they're just "con-interrupting chickens"? BAWK BAWK BAWK!)

• Today in "Zoom Fouls": New Yorker writer and TV pundit Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended from the mag after he reportedly exposed himself on a company Zoom call.

• Meanwhile in "huh... that's a weird coincidence" news: Coronavirus rates have skyrocketed in North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Montana, mere weeks after the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that attracted 500,000 unmasked yahoos (including Smash Mouth).

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• The WEATHER REPORT: Cloudy tomorrow with a chance of a shower and a high of 59!

• And finally, a visual representation of how people cast their ballots when they believe their votes are going to be suppressed.