Don't let COVID scare away your Halloween fun! Join us for a TERRIFYINGLY good time at the SLAY Drive-In movie event on October 28 through October 31st!

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The Mercury is proudly partnering with our pals, the Rose City Rollers, to bring you our homegrown horror movie festival SLAY on the BIG SCREEN for four nights outside at Oaks Park.

For those just joining us, the SLAY film fest features the scariest, most horrifying short DIY movies submitted by readers just like you! In fact, we received so many great submissions we split SLAY into two volumes... and you can watch one or both if you like in the comfort of your own home, or—if you want to have even more fun—grab your quarantine pod and watch VOLUMES ONE AND TWO on the big 15-foot screen at Oaks Park, where the Rose City Rollers will be serving drinks and you can grab some great eats at our food cart concession stand!

You can get tickets for either the early show (7:30 pm) or the late show (9:30 pm) for $40 each, or get a double-header ticket for $60. BUT HURRY UP, GUYS & GHOULS! We're limiting capacity to 55 cars, and shows are already selling out!

Can't make the drive-in? SLAY is still being livestreamed on October 24th and the 31st, so get those tickets HERE.

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WANT A TASTE OF THE SPINE-CHILLING FUN YOU'LL HAVE AT SLAY? Check out the trailer below, and then grab those tickets to the SLAY Drive-In or the livestream, because SLAY has arrived to save Halloween!