Multnomah county

For many Portlanders, it seems like we’ve been waiting for November 3, 2020 for about four years now. That’s apparent in early ballot return numbers for Multnomah County: Over half of all registered voters have already returned their ballots. At this point in 2016, only 30 percent of Multnomah County ballots had been collected.

Now, Election Day is just one week away, and we all have a responsibility to ensure our votes are counted. If you’re a voter in the Portland area, here’s what you need to know in the week leading up to Election Day.

• Today (Tuesday, October 27) is the last day to mail your ballot and make sure it’s received by Election Day. Rather than cutting it close, your best bet will be dropping your ballot in a handy ballot box, which are open until 8 pm on Election Day. You can find your closest ballot box here.

• Were you expecting a ballot but haven’t received one yet? You should contact the Multnomah County Elections office ASAP at 503-988-8683.

• Have questions about voting with a disability? You can fill out a Multnomah County voter assistance request form here, or call 503-988-3720.

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• If you’ve already turned in your ballot, you can use Multnomah County’s Track Your Ballot system to make sure the Elections Office has received it. Voters outside of Multnomah County can do the same on the Secretary of State’s website.

• Not sure how to vote in this election? The Mercury editorial team worked hard to bring you our endorsements, keeping in mind Portland’s progressive values. But you don’t just have to take our word for how you should vote; there are also plenty of non-endorsing voters’ guides out there, like this comprehensive one from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

• On election night, the Mercury will be bringing you our classic election results liveblog—check back in with us then for updates. In the meantime, happy voting!