Unfortunate missed opportunity to discuss the finance violations of the campaign. Why were they so committed to hiding where the money came from? Pretty disappointing to see such a slap on the wrist considering how blatant the violations were.


Why do the media let Raiford play coy? When Willamette Week interviewed Wheeler and Iannarone, they contacted Raiford for an interview. She declined and referred questions to her “campaign staff.” She could have easily said, “I’m not a candidate. Don’t vote for me. Vote for Wheeler or Iannarone.”

Raiford wants to have it both ways: If she miraculously got elected on write-in votes, she would accept the job. If she steals votes from one candidate in particular, she’s not a spoiler because she wasn’t running.

The fact is, every time her name has actually appeared on a ballot, Raiford has lost. Presumably, she made some money off the Wall of Moms deal so she came out with something.


Q: What do you think about math?
A: "They can’t continue to blame Black people for white supremacy."

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