White Press Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany started lying so hard—even Fox News couldnt take it.
White Press Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany started lying so hard—even Fox News couldn't take it. Fox News

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• Despite the party line that local cops and certain city officials may be trying to sell you, there are many factions associated with the nightly protests that have occurred in Portland since late May. One such faction, who purportedly align themselves with the racial justice crowd, but also have very strong anti-government views, broke windows and defaced the Multnomah County Democrats building last night with the words "Shame" and "No Presidents."

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• Activist cameron whitten wrote a very emotional and smart guest editorial for the Mercury about his own tumultuous experiences as a Black person in Oregon, and how people of color are in desperate need of mental relief and joy—while also offering suggestions of services that can possibly help.

• And if you remain unconvinced that some Oregonians are still actively working against the happiness and safety of people of color, there's this story: "Logging company seeks restraining order to block state fund to aid Black Oregonians."

• Apparently there was a huge street racing event that took place in various Portland neighborhoods last night, where hundreds of participants blocked streets and engaged in racing and stunts. I do not approve and, at the same time, very hurt that I wasn't invited.

• Oregon elections director Steve Trout has unhappily resigned from his post, claiming that the division is not getting the technical or monetary support it needs.

• It was another record breaking day for Oregon's COVID pandemic as active hospitalizations skyrocketed thanks to the recent explosion of cases. (And in case you missed it during all the election hub-bub, Gov. Kate Brown is requiring citizens in (now) NINE counties—including Multnomah—to put a two-week "pause" on socializing in order to slow down the super-surge of positive COVID cases.)


• While it's far too late to save the lives of the thousands of coronavirus victims who died due to Trump's inaction, Biden has proclaimed the pandemic as his number one priority, and to prove it, his new transitional COVID-19 task force is impressively filled with actual doctors and infectious disease experts. (Are you sure they can't just start right away?)

• Speaking of which, Pfizer's experimental COVID-19 vaccine has been found to be more than 90 percent effective—with absolutely NO THANKS to the Trump administration who are trying to claim credit, even though Pfizer rejected their help because they didn't want their efforts politicized.

• Also, Biden's already fine-tuning a suite of executive orders to reverse the Trump Administration's worst decisions—for example rejoining the Paris climate accords and the World Health Organization, repealing the Muslim travel ban, and reinstating the program that would allow children (or "DREAMers") who were brought to the United States illegally as children, to remain in the country.

• The long love affair between Fox News and Trump has soured over the past week, and got a little worse today when the network cut away from Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany after she began spouting her usual brand of ridiculous lies.

• As promised, and in a Tweet (of course, eye roll), President Trump has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper for daring to contradict his idea to send the military to quell protests across the nation.

• Though Biden has expressed an interest in reaching across the aisle to Republicans, they and Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell are refusing to acknowledge Trump's defeat and are encouraging the president to continue spreading lies about voter fraud, and launching unwinnable court cases like this one. For hopefully the last time: REPUBLICANS ARE RUINED, and there's no fixing them. So stop wasting your time, and throw any feelings of "forgiveness" into the nearest medical waste dumpster.

• While the story was nearly lost due to Biden's election announcement on Saturday, LET US NEVER FORGET Rudy Giuliani's press conference debacle that was mistakenly held at Philadelphia's Four Seasons Total Landscaping (conveniently located near an adult book shop and creamatorium) instead of the Four Seasons hotel. This story is *CHEF'S KISS*!

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• Remember when we reported about there being hundreds of migrant children who may not be reunited with their parents after being separated by the Trump administration? There are more of these children than we thought.

• Today in "OH WELL": Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has tested positive for COVID-19, after appearing maskless at several White House events and rallies. OH WELL!

• ICYMI: The beloved, longtime host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, has died at the age of 80 following his long bout with cancer.

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• The WEATHER REPORT: Looks like a rainy week ahead with showers starting tomorrow and a high of 49.

• And finally, don't miss this very detailed (and jaunty) tune that absolutely obliterates Donald Trump, the LOSER.