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Good morning, Portland! There's a storm brewing, so get cozy and settle in for another round of Good Morning, News.

Here are the headlines.

• Amid another record-breaking surge in new COVID-19 cases, Oregon's hospitals are starting to cancel elective surgeries in order to free up more beds for coronavirus patients. Stay home if you can, folks!

• The statewide hand recount of ballots in Georgia is now underway—and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution describes it as "a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that’s never been attempted before."

• Oregon's Benton County debuted rank-choice voting in last week's election. The people behind the change say that it offered voters a more diverse selection of candidates—and they hope it can be used as a model for other places in Oregon.

• In September, it was reported that Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) was performing forced sterilizations on imprisoned immigrants. Now, ICE appears to be rushing to deport people who witnessed these sterilizations. "It's as if ICE is trying to clear house before the new administration comes in by deporting as many of these witnesses as soon as possible," a law student working with the immigrants told Buzzfeed News.

• Over the last four years, Mike Pence has managed to stay loyal to Donald Trump while still somehow being considered the "adult in the room" by media pundits and conservatives who are wary of Trump. Now, Trump's attempted coup is making it difficult for Pence to continue to walk that line—and it may be screwing up his own presidential ambitions. Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy!

• Let's check in on State Sen. Brian Boquist, one of Oregon's most conservative lawmakers:

• After this week's good news about a Pfizer vaccine possibly hitting the market next year, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold a bunch of stock, making a handsome profit for himself. That raises questions about whether Bourla was engaging in insider trading. Who says COVID-19 is bad for the economy?

• Move over, Fox News! After the right-wing cable news channel committed the cardinal sin of recognizing reality and declaring Joe Biden the president-elect, Trump supporters have moved onto a new cable news station: Newsmax. The channel has yet to call the election for Biden, and it's currently gaining viewers.

• Well, I guess I have something to look forward to now:

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• And finally, here's your gift for making it through this slog of headlines: A new music playlist curated by the one and only Jenni Moore.