Who has two thumbs and LOST both Georgia AND Arizona? THIS GUY!!
"Who has two thumbs and LOST both Georgia AND Arizona? THIS GUY!!" Win McNamee/Getty Images

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• Due to the alarming rise in COVID cases statewide (another 1,076 reported today), Gov. Kate Brown announced that, starting on Wednesday, November 18, the entire state will enter a two-week "freeze," during which all restaurants and bars will be limited for take-out only, gyms will be shuttered, grocery stores and pharmacies will be capped at 75 percent capacity, and religious spaces will be restricted to 25 people indoors. However, since Multnomah County leads the state in positive cases, the freeze is expected to last in the Portland Metro area for at least four weeks. There's a lot of detailed, nuanced stuff here, and our Alex Zielinski breaks it down for you.

• In addition, this morning all three West Coast governors (Washington's Jay Inslee, California's Gavin Newsom, and our Kate Brown) issued travel advisories for the entire region, strongly suggesting outside visitors to quarantine for 14 days, and for those who live here to stay put and avoid unnecessary travel.

• An internal audit released by the Portland Police Bureau reveals that officers used force against protesters a staggering 2,378 times from April to the end of June this year (by comparison, in 2018 PPB used force during protests a total of 205 times)—and according to our report from Alex Zielinski, this accounting of police violence in 2020 is almost surely an underestimation.


• Need more proof that Trump LOST, LOST, LOST the election? While he took North Carolina (as expected), it was announced by all major media today that Biden won Arizona AND Georgia, flipping those previously red states blue, and bringing the election to an end with the president-elect winning a whopping 306 electoral votes. (That's the exact number Trump defeated Clinton by in 2016.) So hopefully for the last time, let's all say it together: BIDEN WON, AND TRUMP IS THE LOSER, LOSER, LOSER.

• Trump came thiiiiiis close to admitting he lost the election during a speech today—but stopped himself. (It really doesn't matter, because at this point his reluctance to concede and multiple losses in court are just laughable.)

• That said, Trump seems intent on leaving office by causing as much damage and heartbreak as possible. Today he threatened to withhold the upcoming COVID vaccine from New York state because Gov. Cuomo had the audacity to say it needed to be verified by independent researchers first.

• Meanwhile, another new daily record of COVID infections for the country was set yesterday with 160,000 reported cases in one day.

New Mexico is joining Oregon in returning to statewide shutdowns, ordering residents to shelter in place, limiting customers at essential businesses, and restricting restaurants to takeout only. Unfortunately, governors in other states have little interest in stopping the virus.

• For those of you with batty relatives who are buying in to Trump's ridiculous election fraud lies, send them this headline: "Top officials: Nov. 3 election most secure in US history."

• Another headline that will make you say, "Fuck Donald Trump": "More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump’s campaign travel."

• In some good "gender equality in sports" news: Today Kim Ng became the first woman to run a major league baseball team after being named general manager of the Miami Marlins.

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