Good Afternoon, News: Tootie's Superspreader Thanksgiving, City Council Leans Right, and Loser Trump Can't Stop Losing



Tootie and her shit bag white supremacist, science denying cohort sure do love to compare everything to slavery. Too bad every one of them were not, in fact, forced into ACTUAL slavery (including beatings, rapes, and murders) for, oh, say, a year or two every time they thought they were being forced into slavery so they could understand the difference.

And I suppose when she and her big Thanksgiving dinner crowd all get COVID-19 they will expect first rate health care and other people to put their lives on the line to save theirs. Assholes.

People like them deserve to be refused medical care and forced to just try surviving at home and if they die, oh well, at least they got to exercise their FREEDUMB.


The Oregonian (like all Newhouse publications) does so love to promote its Tootsies.

Some years back, they had another science denying fellow who they promoted named Gordon Fulks. His game was climate denialism in the 00's and early 10's.

It got so bad at that embarrassment for a newspaper (back when it was still a daily) that its editors claimed- with much internal fanfare: they would no longer publish anything on global warming because 'it didn't involve local issues.'

Less than two weeks later: there was Gordon Fulks again, spouting off full blown delusions in big bold print.


Let's enjoy the election result, while being very aware that it is only round one.
Stay awake, America. An aspiring despot can never be counted out. I worry about the smugness of the news coverage, because so many of us are desperate for relief and imagine a future where we can ignore a more benevolent leader for a few days without worrying they've burned down democracy while we weren't looking.

If we're smug, we're not looking. And tyrants know exactly what to do when we're not. PAY ATTENTION. Do not take the election results for granted. Defend them loudly and often and continuously, while the distraction machine continues apace ... probably long after Jan 20th.