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How many people do you think Mitch McConnell will breathe on during his Thanksgiving vacation?
How many people do you think Mitch McConnell will breathe on during his Thanksgiving vacation? Alex Wong /getty images

Good morning, Portland! Happy Weird Thanksgiving Week to you!

Here are the headlines.

• Still planning to travel or meet with a big group for Thanksgiving, and trying to do so responsibly? You might think getting a COVID-19 test before you leave will do the trick—but this handy story from OPB shows that you can't test your way into a safe holiday gathering.

• Oops:

• You may have heard yesterday that Donald Trump finally conceded directed his minions to allow Joe Biden's presidential transition to begin, despite still fiercely claiming that the election was rigged. Now, Biden's team will have access to funds, official government information, and other resources necessary to starting the job on January 20. Hopefully that means he can actually start responding to the COVID-19 pandemic on Day 1.

• For those keeping score at home: Since Election Day, Trump has tweeted a total of 550 times. About three-quarters of those tweets included false claims about the election. Twitter had suspended his account exactly zero times.

• In other social media news:

• About 12 million Americans are going to lose their unemployment benefits on December 26, and there are no plans from the federal government to provide new aid for them. In fact, Congress is on Thanksgiving recess, where many of them will undoubtedly spend time with big groups of friends and family without wearing masks. Home of the free...because of the brave!

• From our sister paper in Seattle, the Stranger: After occupying a vacant middle school for a few hours on Friday, roughly ten residents of an unsheltered community who sleep under the 509 bridge in Tacoma, Washington's tideflats feel "hopeful and optimistic" about a change in the city's approach to housing and homelessness, according to Rebecca Parson, an organizer with Tacoma Housing Now.

• One business the COVID-19 pandemic has been great for: real estate. And here on the West Coast, that means sales of ranches—with plenty of wide, open outdoor space—has been booming. Here's hoping a monochromatic cult isn't among the buyers!

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• This Weird Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for this video: