Portlanders Question Police Priorities As 911 Response Times Lag



Obviously they using the union tactic of a "slowdown." I'm sure in their collective mind they think they are teaching the public some sort of lesson or payback. In reality, it shows just how little regard the police have towards the public they serve.

Moreover, I'd be interested to see that response time data filtered by neighborhood. My guess would be that response times are just fine and dandy in wealthier areas of town.

The final sentiment of this piece says a lot as well. If this behavior by the police drives people to feel the need to arm themselves to stay safe, that's only going to make their jobs that much harder in the long run and put their lives at even greater risk. I generally am a supporter of unions and organized labor, but sometimes they are their own worst enemies.


And the Second Amendment gains another convert.


You know the welfare queens that are PPB are upset when they begin showing the same open contempt for white, middle class women that it has always reserved for poor communities of color.

The only way to respond to blackmailers is to refuse to negotiate. Cut their budget further.