Ah, the pleasures of getting rimmed! But what if you are alone, during quarantine times? Is there a sex toy out there to help a lass get off?

Starting in kindergarten, a woman began masturbating using a very specific and very odd technique. Now she needs to do this, and she's super-embarrassed about it. How can she get over her shame, and possibly move on to more conventional orgasm inducers?

On the Magnum version of the show, is Instagram going the way of Tumblr—removing all sexual content? Writer and sex educator JoEllen Notte is on to explain the sitch.

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A woman had a fun fling with a man 17 years her senior. She ended the sex, but they became good friends. Now, two years later, she's changed her mind again and wants him to be her boyfriend. How can she lure him back?

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