A Note from the Mercury’s Editor: The Far-Right Is Very Wrong About Free Speech



One of these is not like the other.

Your argument is solid for Twitter accounts, not so much for Parler.

Parler is a shit show of weirdos, right wing extremists and bad cop procedural shows, but I repeat myself.

Still, no one was kicked off Parler because the owner wanted them out. The entire site was shut down because big tech turned off the lights to their site. It's not a first amendment issue, but it is a problematic censorship issue.

It's like everyone in your house enjoying Law and Order, but the utility company deciding that's a problem and shutting off your power. As a private company they are legally able to do that, but that's a very different thing than an owner asking someone to leave.


people have such short and selective memories. the same arguments you make about the right wing's access to media have, in the quite recent past, been made to justifying denial of access by the left. after all,television, newspapers and magazines are all privately owned too and not subject to the bill of rights. the pendulum swings both ways. it always has and it always will. be careful what you wish for. you just may get it.


It's so strange to see almost all journalists support censorship simply because it doesn't violate the 1st amendment. This is the whack job shit conservative used to pull back in the 60's when they invented cancel culture and we would laugh at them.

Since when did the 1st amendment become the only moral standard by which to judge censorship? The 1st amendment is a floor, not a ceiling or even a norm. In fact, the Oregon Constitution has added 1st amendment protections greater than the Bill of Rights. Has it come to this? As long as something does not violate the constitution we should be morally OK with it?

As a gen-Xer I'm too old. I grew up in environment where journalists always resisted censorship as a matter of pride.

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend the the death your right to say it"

When people lose the ability to talk and listen, they start reaching for guns in order to be heard.


I'm GenX too, and the idea that any American has the Constitutional right to broadcast hateful, incendiary garbage about other human beings, including providing a platform on which violent attempts at governmental overthrow are being plotted, is complete nonsense. Not only is that shit very UNconstitutional (despite what Wesel McConnell would like us to believe), i.e. NO ONE has the right to threaten, intimidate, or disrupt the legitimate functions of government LIKE THE FREAKING ELECTIONS, in the CONSTITUTION, NO LESS - ugh! why do I have to say this?? - the whole foundation that The Free Market Will Solve All Problems is fully at work here! Private companies do not owe you ANYTHING, because remember, they are not subject to elections! That is why Hilary Clinton was arguing that we needed to get rid of "Citizens United" (I hate the LieSpeak this is even made out of) and stop calling corporations people in the Constitution. Corporations do not have the responsibilities of citizens, such as voting, and they definitely do not deserve a financial 'voice' in the democratic process either.

Free speech is Constitutionally defined as the ability to speak out against the oppression of your elected officials, not the unfettered right to spew whatever hateful or violent garbage festers in your fevered, insurrectionist brain. It is not the right to violent, government-overthrowing assembly. It is the right to talk shit about a government that supports the likes of the jerkhole that whipped up a violent mob on Pennsylvania Avenue.