Governor's Office

Today at 2 pm, Governor Kate Brown will hold a press conference to discuss some disturbing and concerning updates regarding Oregon's COVID vaccination plan. While Oregon has achieved its goal of vaccinating 12,000 people per day, the system for tracking these doses is "a mess" according to a report from the Oregonian, with some distribution points having too much vaccine on hand while others have none at all. Most alarming was this morning's news that, after the Trump administration promised they would release the nation's reserve of COVID vaccines, it was discovered there is no reserve of COVID vaccines. The governor seemed as alarmed and surprised as the rest of us.

In addition to all that, the governor will be updating us on the latest spike in COVID cases and deaths, potential school re-openings, and if any counties will be added or removed from the "extreme risk" category. Oh, and did we mention that the state capitol is in danger of being overrun this weekend by pro-Trump domestic terrorists? In short, THERE'S A LOT TO TALK ABOUT.

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Joining the governor will be representatives from the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Military Department. The press conference is scheduled to begin at 2 pm today and YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE.