UPDATED: Mayor Wheeler Pepper Sprays a Member of the Public During a Confrontation



Mayor’s in Portland have a security detail assigned to them for their protection.

Some mayors had their security detail protect them from the time they left their home, at the end of a workday no matter what time, to when they returned back home. Other mayor’s, like Ted, only had security when they were physically at city hall.

Ted needs to stop trying to be “the accessible mayor” and have his security detail with him anytime he’s out and about in Portland. Times have changed and the unhinged know no political affiliation.

If not -and it distresses me deeply to put this in writing- I fear this is not going to end well.


Oh Randy, who knew that shiny dome of yours was also a crystal ball to be used for predicting the future!

(Insert image of Leonard flexing his biceps in the mirror while referring to them as his "security detail")


Ahem. Speaking of the unhinged.


Of course Randy Leonard couldn't be bothered to ponder for even a minute how his actions during his tenure as City Commissioner helped pave the path of division in this city. Now he just sits back sucking on his public pensions trying to act as some sort of golden sage. There will forever be a special "fuck you" in my head every time I pay my water bill Randy.


Listen, I am no fan of Wheeler's, especially given how he turned a blind eye to how peaceful protesters were being aggressed upon by the PPB during the height of the BLM pressure for change. Those criticisms deserve their own space, so I won't discuss them here.
Unfortunately I am also no stranger to entitled, middle aged white dudes with an axe to grind and an unlimited supply of undiluted rage who approach me like I owed them something, even if it's just hearing what they have to say about what I've been doing or saying or who I've hanging around with - and, note to those dudes? I OWE YOU ZERO. I am not your elected representative.

Those same dudes may have a legitimate beef with elected officials, and those officials are still allowed IN A FREE SOCIETY, like we claim to have, right?? to have private lives and live free from harrassment in public and verbal abuse and physical menacing like this asshole feels empowered to perform. Dude. Go through the democratic process and air your complaints in a civil manner, - if you do not back off when asked, then you're subject to the same self-defense actions as any other random aggressor ought to be, so think about it like this before you approach someone with your complaints about their behavior: if you don't think another person does/should have the right to approach you in the manner and with the agenda that you are approaching them with, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and call a like-minded friend to gripe about their behavior instead. Or become a journalist and instead of aggressively confronting people on the spot, publish what you find for everyone to read and let the voters decide what to do with the information you have. This is democracy 101, and I don't know that I should need to say this, but geez. It's unprecedented times, they keep telling us.

Mr Leonard, a security detail may be a deterrent but it's also a huge shift in the amount of personal space for the person so protected. It really is up to Wheeler how to handle these incidents, so let him make up his own mind. Publicly agitating for someone to submit to these measures is a victim-blaming tactic, just like telling women they shouldn't be out alone at night. He has every right to exist in public engaging in normal activities, leave him alone about it. If he wants security, I'm sure he's capable of arranging it himself.


Wheeler is "the accessible Mayor"? Who knew?