Governor's Office

Today at 11 am, Gov. Kate Brown is scheduled to talk about the latest COVID-related updates for the state, though will most likely be put on the spot regarding lots of tangential subjects, such as:

• A recent judge's ruling that orders the state to start vaccinating prison inmates.
• The state's push to get back to school being met with resistance from the teacher's union.
• How the plan for Oregon pharmacies to begin distributing vaccines will fit into the state's overall way of doing things.
• Determining the progress of the coronavirus vaccine equity group when it has been holding meetings behind closed doors.
• How the state will respond to businesses who continue to refuse to abide by the Governor's safety mandates.
• And of course, the last COVID-19 numbers, which are starting to trend downward... but there is a Super Bowl (and the dumb parties associated with it) coming up.

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Whew! THAT IS A LOT. Joining the governor will be representatives from the Oregon Health Authority for what could be a rambunctious press conference. It's scheduled to begin at 11 am today and YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE.