Good Morning, News: Portland Cops Guard Fred Meyer Dumpster, More Texas Power Woes, and America's WORST Mayor



The city and county elect people to work for them, to represent them, so it's a good thing Mayor Shithead resigned. Texas as a whole is full of of fuckwads like this. Never mind that Texas takes more in federal aid then they pay out and they have no state income tax (so I guess all of the available state money is solely to pay talking head pieces of shit like that guy). Nevermind that the only reason they have their own electric grid is because they didn't want to have to answer to any federal regulations. Nevermind that the entire state is asking for a federal bailout now (with absolutely no irony regarding the fact that Texas congressional representatives and senators denounce and vote against any state other than their own needing any federal assistance - like after Hurricane Sandy - telling NY and NJ to twist in the wind). Will the people of Texas learn anything from this? Will they stop voting for people who take their money, cash those paychecks, but absolutely DO NOT GIVE A FUCK IF ANYONE IN THEIR STATE DIES? Nope. Doubtful.

See, everyone hates the government and vilifies all it does until something disastrous happens and then people expect their government to help them. Well you can't have it both ways. Pay taxes and those taxes are used to help when help is needed. That's the concept anyway, FFS.


And regarding the police in Portland who call out a squad of 10 cars to protect two dumpsters worth of food (because god forbid anyone in this country get anything "for free" even when it's garbage), FUCK THEM, TOO. This is why the police need to be defunded. Protecting wealth and property (again even when it's garbage) is what they exist for - they do not give a fuck about human life and they are not there to protect human life or solve violent crimes committed against human lives.

How people walk around pretending this country is the greatest country in the world is beyond me. It requires a level of denial and cognitive dissonance that is incomprehensible.