Hazelnut Grove Residents Seeking Answers After City Hall Contradictions



Speaking as a non-spandex bicyclist... A homeless camp along my bike commute of course isn’t my first choice, but they seem to be safe and taking care of themselves, so who am I to judge? Sometimes there are cars blocking the path, but almost every time they are city vehicles/contractors providing services, not the residents themselves, (maybe they could pull their vehicles off the concrete?) Yes it costs (taxpayer funded) money to provide them services, but is it somehow cheaper in St John’s?

I’m curious about the $1500 number, that seems like a lot of money given then number of people that live there. What exactly is that paying for? Trash service and a porta potty isn’t that expensive...


Dismantling Hazelnut Grove is like the R2D2 and Dignity Village displacements. All are model solutions to the tragedy of homelessness that city leaders refuse to take lessons from their examples. They don't come with million dollar price tags. They aren't "institutionalized" settings with stringent rules, overseen by security forces that most homeless people will avoid. All cities, including supposedly liberal Portland, are actually run by conservative business interests who would rather populate the downtown core with upper class socialites and world travelers or nobody.