A Note from the Mercury’s Editor: "Crudely Casual"



I have journalistic standards too. I won't subscribe to any paper that has high standards.

I'm sure the Salt Lake Tribune will love that Richard B. is renewing though!


"Why—of all the overwhelming and horrible shit that’s been burying us in a daily landslide for the past year—are you so fucking concerned about the Mercury using the word “fuck” in an article about fucking Gucci, of all fucking things?" writes the editor-in-chief who apparently doesn't have enough "horrible shit" to cover so spends his time mocking a reader.

With quality actions like this, hard to believe you are having to beg for money from readers at the top of every page.

Likely to provide a contribution to the Mercury? FUCK YEAH, WE WILL.


Guess who's donating in Dickie B's honor today? This fucker right here!