Want to support live music in Portland, local artists, and the Mercury? HELL YEAH YOU DO!

That's why you cannot miss the Thursday, March 11 livestream performance featuring FOUNTAINE, recorded live at Polaris Hall! And even better, tickets are available on a sliding scale, from $0 and up! Since day one, the Mercury has been committed to promoting Portland's live music scene and its artists that make it great. That's why, even though the pandemic has temporarily shuttered local venues, we want to keep bringing you great music and the great local artists who make it!

And you're gonna go nutz for this one, because rapper/singer/producer Fountaine (AKA Mikey Fountaine) has established himself as one of Portland hip-hop’s most integral and versatile figures, who's well-known for his charisma and infectious energy that gets the crowd jumping and feeling good.

WANT A TASTE OF FOUNTAINE IN ACTION? Check out the following teaser for peek at what you can expect in the March 11 livestream performance:

Love Mercury Music Coverage?

Good stuff, am I right? Well, if you liked that, then you will LOVE Fountaine's show, starting THIS THURSDAY, March 11 at 8 pm! So what are you waiting for? GET YOUR PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN TIX NOW AND HERE to see the marvelous FOUNTAINE, while supporting Portland's terrific music scene, local musical artists, and the Mercury all at the same time!

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