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Republicans in Georgia and Arizona are pushing shitty anti-voting laws. Stacey Abrams has some suggestions for how you can help.
Republicans in Georgia and Arizona are pushing shitty anti-voting laws. Stacey Abrams has some suggestions for how you can help. ETHAN MILLER / GETTY IMAGES

Good morning, Portland! I know I'll be watching Rehab Cabin this week as part of the Portland International Film Festival—what about you?

And here are the headlines.

• Jury selection is underway in the trial against Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd last summer. Potential jurors are already expressing their worry that they coudn't be unbiased jurors, because they saw the horrific video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck as he died. You can watch the proceedings here.

• Researchers at OHSU have found a new mutation of the COVID-19 virus in Oregon. Doctors say that some variation is inevitable with the virus—and that getting vaccinated and wearing masks in public are the best ways to protect against new mutations.

I have some thoughts on the Oregonian's decision to run an article about false allegations against Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty last week before more details were available. You can read 'em all here.

• Democrats may have control of the White House and Congress, but Republicans are continuing to be shitty while running their little state governments. Exhibit A: South Dakota's governor will sign a bill into law that bans transgender girls from playing sports with their fellow girls. Let the serve as a reminder that conservatives are absolutely obsessed with trans people.

• Exhibit B: Republicans in Georgia and Arizona—states that just happened to swing blue in the last election—are pushing a spate of "election integrity" laws that are designed to make voting harder, especially for Black voters and other people of color. Here's Stacey Abrams with some info on how you can help push back against this:

• New guidelines from the CDC say that if you've been fully vaccinated, then you can gather indoors with other vaccinated people without wearing a mask, and you can visit unvaccinated relatives without wearing a mask. Seniors and teachers are about to get wild!

• F. King Alexander, the president of Oregon State University, is in hot water following reports that he mishandled claims of sexual misconduct against a football coach at Louisiana State University, where he served as president before coming to Oregon. In a new statement, Alexander said he regrets not taking stronger action at the time.

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• And finally: Which Oprah are you today?