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Here are the headlines.

• Unemployment claims across the US fell to their lowest level since the COVID-19 pandemic began this week, likely as a result of vaccination efforts continuing to make progress and more businesses and communities opening things up. But certain industries, such as restaurants, still remain disproportionately impacted.

• Two Oregon brothers were arrested yesterday for taking part in the attempted coup at the US Capitol on January 6. OPB reporter Sergio Olmos has documented the brothers' presence at several Oregon far-right rallies leading up to the Capitol attack—be sure to check out his whole thread for some illuminating context:

• The city of Portland suggested this week that Portland Police Bureau (PPB) had no option but to use unusually high amounts of force against the public during 2020's protests against police brutality and racial inequity. This excuse doesn't sit well with the US Department of Justice. Sounds like a real "they made me do it" abuser mentality to me!

• In a highly relatable move, the Oregon Health Authority goofed up big time yesterday and told 11,000 Oregonians that they were eligible to get a COVID vaccine—even though they weren't. But the vaccination appointments have already been made at the Oregon Convention Center, so 11,000 lucky people will benefit from this little snafu.

• And speaking of vaccines, NPR has found that misleading articles that mention death as a result of getting vaccinated—something that does not happen—are among the most highly engaged-with articles this year. You might want to keep this link handy in case you notice misinformation spreading in your any of your circles.

• A totally normal trip to the museum:

• Are you confused as to why Republican lawmakers across the country suddenly seem hellbent on... protecting the sanctity of girls' high school sports, of all things? It's actually just about good, old-fashioned transphobia—read this excellent breakdown of the arguments at hand, and why it's all bullshit, here.

• New York state lawmakers have reached a deal that will legalize recreational cannabis sales in the state. How quaint! Good for them.

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• And finally, a welcome blast from the past: