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Video surveillance footage shows Rep. Nearman opening a Capitol door to right-wing protesters in December.
Video surveillance footage shows Rep. Nearman opening a Capitol door to right-wing protesters in December. Oregon State Legislature, video screenshot

Good morning, Portland. Welcome to May! Temperatures will remain in the mid-60s today, with sunshine peeking out behind the clouds this afternoon. Now, for the news:

- Why the hell is Tokyo still trying to host the Olympics this summer? Here’s a peek at the behind-the-scenes discourse over the decision.

- Four people were killed and dozens were injured Sunday when an overloaded boat carrying migrants crashed into a reef off San Diego. It’s not clear which nationality the passengers were. Authorities are already blaming the boat’s operator for reckless smuggling, instead of considering why immigrants might feel like a risky passage to the US is their only option.

- Checking in on Chauvin's legacy:

- Recent releases of body cam footage capturing police brutality have raised questions about how body cam footage should be made public. With Portland officials still hesitant to supply their cops with body cams, this deep dive into the accountability tool is a useful read.

- As we enter the “fourth wave” of COVID-19 cases, younger Americans are becoming more susceptible to the virus and its dangerous variants. Even while younger adults are becoming more vaccinated, they’re also making up the majority of hospital visits with COVID-19. Real talk from a Washington state physician interviewed by NPR: "I understand young people feeling invincible, but what I would just tell them is — don't be afraid of dying, be afraid of heart failure, lung damage and not being able to do the things that you love to do."

- A private school in Miami has threatened teachers’ employment if they get vaccinated during the school year. Anti-vaxxer parents are thrilled.

- The “End Days” banner continues to wave:

- Rep. Mike Nearman, the Oregon lawmaker who let violent far-right demonstrators into the state Capitol on Dec. 21, has been criminally charged for his actions. Nearman will appear in court to face one count of first-degree official misconduct and another of second-degree criminal trespass on May 11.

- Portland continued its decades-long tradition of holding May Day rallies for workers’ rights on Saturday. Mercury reporter Isabella Garcia was on the ground with a daytime march organized by International Migrants Alliance, where she captured anti-imperialism and pro-union speeches. The night turned predictably smashy after 9 pm, when black-clad activists broke Starbucks windows and shouted at cops downtown. Cops arrested six people after declaring the gathering a “riot.”

- Some terrible human(s) drew swastikas and other white supremacist references on the Oregon Holocaust Memorial in Portland’s Washington Park over the weekend. Most of the hateful graffiti was removed by Sunday night.

- Friday marked the return of Portland-area counties to “extreme risk” restrictions under Oregon’s COVID-19 protocols. During a Friday press conference, Oregon health experts said the state should expect to see vaccination rates outpace the fourth surge of coronavirus cases by June.

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- Surprise! There’s a local election on May 18! Peep our handy explainer to help you know what’s on the ballot and why it might be important.

- In Oregon, no April showers bring this map: