Speed limit 30 sign
The speed limit on 82nd will be reduced from 35 to 30. Goran Minov / EyeEm

TGIF! Here are the headlines to take you into the weekend. (Like our coverage? Please consider making a recurring contribution to the Mercury to keep it comin'!)

In local news:

• ODOT is lowering the speed limit on a stretch of 82nd Ave after two pedestrians were hit and killed by cars. PBOT requested the speed change one year ago.

• The union representing Powell’s Books workers has filed several grievances against the store after management announced it was hiring new workers, not re-hiring workers laid off during the pandemic.

• The Oregon Cares Fund will resume paying out grants to Black Oregonians after settling a lawsuit that alleged the fund was “unconstitutional” because it distributed government benefits based on race.

• Ugh, like, I totally get that thousands of people have died and we've gone through the collective trauma of a life-altering event, but can y'all stop being so cautious? I mean, I'm ready for the pandemic alien invasion to be over, so why aren't you?

In national news:

Uber and Lyft are seeing a shortage of drivers as vaccinated customers return to the app. While the ride-share companies say they are paying “record wages” to lure drivers back to the service, many drivers say that the time away from the gig made them realize the pay wasn’t worth the mental and physical toll of the work.

• Another reminder that workers outnumber CEOs: Washingtonian magazine writers refused to work today after their CEO wrote an op-ed about how employees who want to continue working from home may be less valuable to the office. The CEO indirectly threatened to take away her employees’ healthcare during a pandemic by suggesting CEOs turn WFH employees into contractors.

• Biden just closed a Trump-era loophole that allowed money for COVID-19 relief to be used for defense projects. Under Trump, the Department of Defense was given $1 billion under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act because… of course it was.

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