Boundaries are hard! For instance, a married couple of 12 years decided to open the relationship. So naturally, she started sleeping with her husband's brother in their own house. Of course.

And! If you knocked on the door, and your kid confessed that they were masturbating, would you A) Mutter, "Sorry!" and walk away. B) Walk in and chuckle at the sight of their underpants. C) Run screaming from the building. You'll have to listen to learn what this lady did.

On the Magnum, Dan speaks with Dr. Alan Davis, who studies the effects of psychedelic mushrooms on depression. It turns out magic mushrooms might just help with mental health in the long term. (The tech-savvy/at-risk youth could have told you that.)

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And, Dan deconstructs the difference between appreciating the beauty of Asian people and having an Asian fetish.

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