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The OHA has announced new mask-wearing guidance for Oregonians.
The OHA has announced new mask-wearing guidance for Oregonians. Sebastian Condrea / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! I still go to Taco Bell, drive through, raw as hell. I don't care, I'm still real no matter how many records I sell. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• According to new guidelines issued by the Oregon Health Authority, all Oregonians—whether fully vaccinated or not—can now go maskless outdoors. Further, fully vaccinated individuals can now go maskless in most spaces, and if businesses choose to allow maskless customers, they must check proof of vaccination for every individual before entry. Our Isabella Garcia has more on the info you need!

• A new, blistering report has been released regarding a culture of workplace toxicity and dysfunction at Portland's Office of Community & Civic Life that pins much of the blame on five employees—one of whom was former bureau director Suk Rhee who resigned last week.

PPS board members have reiterated their concerns of how ODOT’s Rose Quarter expansion will impact Harriet Tubman Middle School, whose students already experience high levels of pollution that board members worry may be exacerbated by the encroaching freeway. The school board members also made it clear that they do not trust ODOT to be honest about its construction plans. Our Isabella Garcia has the details.

• In yesterday's school board election, local voters elected the most diverse slate of candidates yet, with Herman Greene becoming North Portland's Zone 4 director, and Gary Hollands, who will represent Northeast Portland's Zone 5.


• Facing significant pressure from his own party, and after 10 days of Israel bombing Palestinians, President Biden is now insisting on a "significant deescalation" of Israeli attacks and is pushing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work toward a cease fire.

• House Democrats most likely have enough votes to approve the commission to investigate the domestic attacks of January 6 on the nation's capitol—but surprise! Senate Republicans will be doing everything in their power to slow or stop the investigation (since it will clearly implicate their lord and master Trump as well as some of their own traitorous members).

• More bad news for Trump: The New York Attorney General has joined the Manhattan DA in investigating the Trump's super shady business dealings, adding that this is no longer simply a civil probe, and they are now "actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity." Uh-oh! (Can someone run for president from inside a federal penitentiary? Asking for an enemy.)

• Self-proclaimed "fucking moron" Joe Rogan is getting righteously dragged once again, this time for proclaiming on his podcast that straight white men are being silenced because of "woke" culture. If that's true, WHY. CAN. I. STILL. HEAR. HIM.

• Congrats to angel-voiced pop star Demi Lovato who has come out as nonbinary, and will henceforth be identified as they/them.

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