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A full moon glowing red during a lunar eclipse.
A total lunar eclipse over Marina Del Ray, California in 2019. Rich Polk / Stringer

In local news:

• While the pandemic certainly isn’t over, vaccination rates are rising and masks are lowering—and the Mercury’s Spring Reawakening guide is here! Whether you’re looking for some new restaurants to try, seeking guidance on how to manage your reopening anxiety, or still scoping out ways to avoid the crowds this summer, we’ve got something in the guide for you.

• Four unhoused Portlanders are suing the City of Portland for discarding private property confiscated during sweeps of homeless camps. The lawsuit claims that the city isn’t following its own rules of allowing unhoused people 30 days to collect their confiscated belongings.

• The Portland Police Bureau is one of many Oregon law enforcement agencies using software to copy and search the entire contents of recovered phones. An investigation by OPB found that PPB has used phone searches to investigate a wide array of crimes from attempted murder to bike theft for years, often without any policies in place to regulate the digital searches.

• If you want to get boozy while supporting a good cause, check out Gado Gado! During the month of May, the Indonesian-Chinese restaurant is donating a portion of proceeds from their featured cocktails to Asian Mental Health Collective, a mental health nonprofit for the AAPI community.

In national news:

• Scientists are warning of a more severe fire season than last year because of record dry soil and vegetation in the western U.S. Plus, a “climate change-fueled megadrought of more than 20 years” compounds the already dangerous fire conditions.

• Speaking of climate change continuing to worsen natural disasters, Biden announced that he is increasing U.S. emergency spending to $1 billion to help communities prepare for hurricanes and other emergency weather events. The president also announced a new effort to expand climate research at NASA.

• The U.S. Postal Service is preparing to retire its fleet of mail carrying trucks and are starting to imagine what the “Next Generation Delivery Vehicle” will look like. The USPS wants electric or zero-emissions vehicles—but switching to pricier electric trucks requires the U.S. House to pass an $8 billion public funding bill to finance the fleet.

• Yesterday, a Belarus fighter jet forced down a Ryanair plane and seized passenger Roman Protasevich, a journalist who has written critically of the Belarus government. Today, the E.U. imposed sectoral sanctions on Belarus and barred E.U. airlines from flying over the country’s airspace. Protasevich is still detained in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

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• Internationally: 21 runners died when freezing rain and high winds coincided with a 62-mile ultramarathon in northwestern China on Saturday. Government officials launched a 1,200 person rescue effort and 151 runners were confirmed safe on Sunday morning.

• Plus, a total lunar eclipse is coinciding with a supermoon on Wednesday! The Pacific Northwest should have a pretty good view of the event, but there are also some livestreams you can watch.