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Goooood morning, Portland! Prepare for a cool Monday—we've got a high in the mid 60s today—and warmer temps as the week chugs along. June, amiright?

- Veep Kamala Harris is in Guatemala today to talk immigration, a topic Prez Biden has made her responsibility to understand and address. Since entering office, the White House has steered millions in aid to countries whose residents often migrate to the US, in hopes of stabilizing their economies to keep people from leaving. Yet, migration rates continue to soar. Why is that? Here's a breakdown of some of the challenges Harris faces in stemming immigration issues.

- Pope Francis said he was pained to learn about the remains found of 215 children at a former Catholic school for indigenous students in Canada, but stopped short of apologizing for the Catholic church's role in setting up abusive residential schools that separated indigenous children from their families.

- A look at the Tokyo Olympics structure from the first athletes on the ground: Australia's softball team. "We're guinea pigs," one woman characterized her team. The country—and world's—support of the games is still tepid, as only 3 percent of Japan residents have been vaccinated against the virus.

- Simone Biles took home her seventh title at the US Gymnastics Championships this weekend. Here she is slaying the mat with a technique dubbed "the Biles":

- The FDA has approved the first new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly two decades, despite the medication being critiqued by some in the scientific community who doubt its effectiveness. The drug is not a cure for Alzheimer's, but is shown to lessen the effects of the illness.

- A federal judge overturned California’s 30-year ban on assault weapons, saying the state’s law was unconstitutional and a "failed experiment." “Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment," he said in his ruling. Hate when my Swiss Army Knife also is used to murder a crowd of strangers.

- Speaking of which, three people were killed and another five wounded in Miami in an early Sunday shooting outside a graduation celebration for Miami-Dade College students.

- The ACLU is facing an internal crisis over its tendency to defend the free speech of far-right groups. How could the progressive organization's allegiance to the First Amendment hurt its future?

- Remember Rep. Mike Nearman, the Oregon legislator under investigation for allegedly letting violent right-wing protesters into the state capitol during a special session? New video shows Nearman, days before the capitol incident, telling a group of people that he would let them into the building if they texted him. The plan was dubbed "Operation Hall Pass." DRAMATIC EYEROLL.

- Northeast Portland has a new bike and pedestrian bridge! The new Flanders Crossing:

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- Four people were killed in a shooting in Southeast Portland Sunday evening. Law enforcement officers have not released any information about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

- Almost all mask, physical distancing, and capacity limit requirements will be lifted in Oregon when 70 percent of Oregonians 18 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Governor Kate Brown announced Friday. The future! It's coming!

- A Portland man was charged Friday for using racial hate speech and threatening to cause serious physical injury to a houseless Black man. According to KPTV, the arrested man "continued to use racial hate speech to describe the victim while being brought into custody by police." Seems like he really understood why he was under arrest.