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A statue of York, installed by an unknown artist, sits atop Mt. Tabor.
A statue of York, installed by an unknown artist, sits atop Mt. Tabor. Alex Zielinski

Good morning, Portland! Have you been working on a short documentary during the pandemic—or do you need an excuse to make one? Check out SCOOP, our newest film fest for 15-minute-max documentaries! Now, for the news:

-Oregon lawmakers are considering cutting checks of up to $2,000 for Oregon essential workers who remained on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

-The City of Portland will eventually take down the statue of York, the enslaved man who Lewis and Clark took on their journey to the Pacific Northwest, which mysteriously appeared on Mt. Tabor this spring at the site of a torn-down statue of Harvey Scott, a discriminatory newspaper editor. Portland Parks says that the York statue isn’t built out of weather-resistant materials, so it will have to be removed once it is no longer “viable”. That could take months or years, according to OPB.

-Portland author Mitchell S. Jackson won a Pulitzer Prize for a longform essay on running while Black:

-Several Oregonians who received their first COVID vaccine Friday or Saturday were rewarded with $100 gift cards from the state, as part of Gov. Kate Brown's campaign to incentivize vaccinations. Get the latest on vaccination rates and state reopening plans from the Mercury's Isabella Garcia.

-Read the dispatches from an FBI-investigator-turned-Pacific Northwest apple detective (!!!), who has recently discovered seven types of apple varieties thought to be extinct.

-Israel has a new prime minister for the first time in 12 years. Naftali Bennett was sworn in as the country’s leader on Sunday after a coalition unseated longtime PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Bennett, a right-wing tech millionaire who previously served as Netanyahu’s chief of staff, shares the previous administration’s support of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

-At a Britain summit, G7 leaders pledged to raise $100 billion a year to help poorer countries cut greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change activists aren’t thrilled by this financial commitment, since G7 countries first made this pledge in 2009—and failed to meet the goal. G7 leaders also called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, convened by the World Health Organization.

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-A woman is dead and others are injured in Minneapolis after a person drove a car into a group of people protesting the killing of a man by US Marshals earlier this month.

-A commercial lobster diver said he was scooped up in the mouth of a humpback whale Friday morning off the coast of Massachusetts. After being held in the whale’s closed mouth for about 30 seconds, the man said the whale rose to the surface and spit him out: