Police Union Contract Negotiations Head Into Closed-Door Mediation



The union and city have clashed over police oversight policies, mandatory anti-bias training, and a new discipline guide for officers who break PPB's rules of conduct.

Well then, if the police refuse to include these in their contract - no contract. If the police refuse to change and simply want to double down on their violence and the harassment, harm, destruction, and murder of civilians, especially Black civilians, they can go. Please, in fact, do go.

No more allowing the PPD to get away with their bad behavior.
No more giving PPD more and more money, when they use and abuse their power and taxpayers end up footing the bill for all of it.
No more PPD period.
Get rid of every last one of them.

If we're going to move forward in a society where there is not a constant clash of violence and abuse of power by so-called law enforcement - get rid of them. They are government sanctioned, taxpayer funded terrorists. Enough!

Portland can get rid of every last one of them and invest the obscene amount of money they spend on them and their terrorism to fund communities that are in desperate need of funding.

The PPD had proven it is nothing but a force within Oregon's white supremacist movement. We don't need them. And before people start crying about how we need the police - they don't prevent crime (show up after it's over or they commit it themselves), nor do they solve crime. They are armed to the teeth, believe they can do whatever they want, and getting rid of them entirely would improve the state of the state immensely.

Want law enforcement? Then demand they be watched and held to standards of conduct. Demand cops who kill (especially cops who murder Black people) get fired, prosecuted, and imprisoned. Cops who kill deserve to be stripped of their jobs and pensions and prosecuted. Cops who kill and a financial payout is made to the families of the people they kill, should be the ones to pay that financial payment, not the taxpayers.

Enough emboldening and financing these cops who are nothing but terrorists. They don't want to be held accountable for anything then they can leave. Fire every last one of them. The city of Portland need not make any contractual agreement with a group of people who want to be able to do whatever they want, with no accountability, on the taxpayer dime.

Look at the shit show Portland has been in the last year. If law enforcement were of any use in any way, do you really think Portland would look the way it does? NOPE. The cops do nothing and then make you believe they are the ones needed to stop the destruction. THEY ARE THE DESTRUCTION. THEY ARE THE DISEASE. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

Kick them out and let the door hit them on their asses on the way out.